On Demand Delivery… Anytime. Any Size. Anywhere in Oregon…

Dash has been in the same and next day courier business since 1998.  As a member of the ECA we are part of a courier network capable of same day deliveries throughout the United States.

 What We Provide

Dash Delivery’s reputation for high priority delivery service is second to none. Dash is called upon to provide immediate deliveries for trauma surgeries on a daily basis. Dash is trusted with thousands of medical records, lab specimens and high priority surgical deliveries for hospitals and medical practices throughout much of Oregon.

Professional Services

Dash Delivery, Inc. sends uniformed drivers in clearly marked professional vehicles. We have an exceptional reputation and a cutting edge communication system with two way data transfer in every vehicle. If you are currently using an in house courier for your delivery needs please check our cost analysis page to see just how much you can save with Dash.

Advanced Courier Software Technology

Dash Delivery embraces innovative technology to better serve our customers.  Notice the Driver tab on this website.  After a driver starts with us they are given a log in and put through training and testing on a regular basis.


At Dash we ensure our drivers are trained to handle your packages with the care they need…

  • Annual OSHA Specimen handling and quality training provided by:
    Integrity Corporate Services
  • Annual DG Certification (Class 6.2 Biological Substances, Category B and Class 9 Dry Ice by Air) & IATA 650 Compliance training
    World Courier
  • DOT certified for transport of UN3373, UN1845 and UN2814
  • TSA and SIDA Certified Drivers at multiple locations throughout the state


  • Well marked, fuel efficient, highly visible and professional delivery vehicles
  • Uniformed drivers with picture ID badge
  • Smart phones with real time data
  • OnTime courier management software coordinating driver position and route status
  • On line real time tracking, dispatching and invoicing
  • Specimen transport coolers compliant with all training regulations (with dry ice on board)
  • Hand cart / Dollies / Hand Truck / Pallet Jacks / Blankets – depending on vehicle
  • Multiple Warehouse locations with space available
  • Dock /Forklift on site
  • Temperature controlled office storage
  • Camera and sound surveillance security system
  • Secure office surrounded by flood lights and 7 foot high barbed wire fence and CCTV
  • Multi-line VOIP phone system
  • Fax to e-mail conversion sends faxes directly to all on-call and lead drivers after hours

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